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Factory Tour

The Founder

Skeppshults Gjuteri (foundry) was established in 1906 by Charles E Andersson, recently returned from North America.

Skeppshults Gjuteri was built on the founder’s dreams and knowledge and would later become a world leader in pure cast iron cookware.


His foundry was sited in the small town of Skeppshult, on the banks of the river ‘Nissan'. The unusually fine-grade sand from nearby lake Vättern, was transported by river and used to produce the casting moulds. This same sand is used to this day, and provides the base material for the fine and unique moulds that are individually formed to receive the molten iron, during the casting process.



Much of the craftsmanship and skill associated with the early days of production has been passed on and remains in use. Of course, modern refinements and production advantages have evolved and, today, Skeppshults Gjuteri is Europe’s largest foundry of cast iron cookware products.


A unique and scrupulously controlled blend of molten iron is poured into the individually created moulds to form each piece. Each mould is used once. The sand mould is then broken-down and collected for re-use.



The new castings are allowed to cool naturally over a period of 24 hours before moving through the factory for turning, grinding and polishing.



Handles are added to pans


Articles are packed and placed into stock