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About Us

GEC Anderson Limited (established in 1962) is known for its high quality stainless steel sinks, worktops, cabinets and shelving. Stainless steel worktops are unrivalled in terms of looks and functionality. They are available in custom sizes (including L-shapes and special forms) that can be produced in one piece and special configurations. Sink Bowls are integrated seamlessly, anywhere within the worksurface. A wide choice of edge profiles, lips and upstands are available and are integral to the worktop.

Stainless steel worktops are:

Honest Free of superficiality or added colour or vaneer
Neutral Suitable for use with all other materials and finishes
Timeless Of no particular era, age or style
Durable Will outlast all other worktop materials
Safe Free of toxic emissions and shatterproof
Hygienic Free of joins and crevices and totally aseptic


More info: http://www.gecanderson.co.uk

GEC Anderson pure cast iron cookware moves GEC Anderson into the realms of kitchen utensils and accessories with similar performance and aesthetic characteristics, for the benefit of  existing and new, domestic and professional customers.

The impressive Skeppshult® range of genuine and top quality, pure cast iron pans and cookware carries a 25 year cast iron guarantee. Stainless steel pans have 10 year guarantee.

We look forward to helping you with your individual enquiries and requirements!


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